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Have you ever thought why picking an amazing gift for mom is always such a hard task?

I guess it has something to do with how much we love our moms. They have been there for us through all the ups and downs, through our worst moments and most epic wins, through hell and high water.

And we… We give them a mug. Or a bunch of flowers. Kinda pleasant, but SO not enough.

Time to turn this around and show our moms how much we love them - with gifts that are extra special and super meaningful!


Common mistakes when choosing gifts for mom

Picking a gift that’s too small for the occasion

Strictly speaking, there’s nothing wrong with giving your mom a cool mug if she has recently broken her favorite one. That’s a thoughtful and cute gesture, so go for it! But don’t you dare give her just a mug for her 40th birthday, for example. I mean, really? You can do so much better!


Giving useless tear-jerkers

You know what I’m talking about, you’ve seen such gifts for mom all around. Pillows with floral prints and the words ”To the best mom on the world…” embroidered on them. Or an inspirational poster to hang on the wall. Or a random cute plush toy. These gifts for mom may do the trick for a particular occasion, but will she enjoy them in a week? In a month? Next year? If not, is there really a point in giving them? The only exception is a good handmade gift, as they will be cherished like family relics for years if you make them right.


Gifts for mom: our favorite 5 picks in 2019

Customizable Modular Jewelry Box

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Useful, elegant, and stylish as can be, this modern jewelry box is also a great opportunity for a neat surprise. Give it with a piece of jewelry inside!


Fingerprint Necklace

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Give your mom a sophisticated reminder of your love, so she can wear it with her wherever she goes. A fabulous option to give from several people, like from two siblings or from a husband and a child.


Warm Blanket With Sleeves

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Everyone loves to cuddle in the evening, after a long day of hard work. Help your mom do this in comfort and style, with a sleeved blanket that will allow her to get warm AND read something (or knit, or draw, or play) in the coziest way possible.


Anti Aging Massager & Skin Cleansing System

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The best way to keep your mom’s skin shining with inner beauty throughout the years and decades to come is to give her a gift that was created as the ultimate skin anti-aging system. This handy device emits gentle pulsations that massage and gently cleanse the skin—without any specialized lotions, any kind will do!


Pandora Jewelry

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Do you know why Pandora jewelry is so loved all around the world? Maybe it’s because all of their items are filled with symbolism to the brim. Every charm on this handmade silver bracelet was created to symbolize something special - a memory, a unique event, or anything else that only you and your mom will understand. Fabulous to give along with the jewelry box mentioned earlier.


Useful links when looking for good gifts for mom

All moms are different, and the gifts you could get them on different occasions are unique as well. We did our best to gather a collection of gifts to help you out!

For example, we gathered over 30+ instructions for DIY gifts for mom that don’t suck. Not the terrible DIY you’ve seen all around, by the way. These little handmade beauties are as pleasant to make as they’re great to get, so you can be sure your mom will love them.

Of course, we didn’t forget the grandmas! Mother’s day gifts for grandmas generally follow the same principles that other gifts for moms, but there are a few extra special items in that collection.

Personalized gifts for mom are great for when you want to emphasize how special your mom is for you. For example, a bracelet with a special message engraved on it will surely be MUCH more pleasant to get than a random bracelet, even if it’s pretty and all.

Mother’s day gift baskets are a fairly popular option for mother’s day gifts around the world, and we have quite a few ideas prepared for you to make sure your basket will be just amazing.

Last but not least, we got the super-special collection of gifts for the mom who has everything. Don’t worry, even if she really has everything, we’re sure we’ll be able to amaze her with a few ideas.


Oh, and don’t forget to check out…

Not to be too stereotypical, but jewelry  gifts are among the best options out there if you’re looking for general gifts for mom. Necklaces and pendants  are the safest options since they’re very forgiving in terms of picking the right size, contrary to rings or bracelets, for example.

If you’re looking for something little, inexpensive, but cute and meaningful, browse through our keepsake section . Most of the gifts there won’t be suitable for big holidays and super special events, but if your goal is to find something pleasant for a minor occasion - they will be perfect!


Fun videos that could help you choose the perfect gift for mom

Some people are good with reading texts, other folks would rather watch a single video instead. If you’re from the later crowd, here are some neat options to get inspired from! :)

An awesome and super simple way to give your mom a pleasant surprise, be it on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or on any other occasion!


Or how about organizing a family reunion like this one?


Or, with some really basic editing skills, you could make her a video like this one:


Or you could make her a huge scrapbook / greeting card mix, like this one!